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Welcome to the Kansas School-wide Positive Behavior Support Website

The Kansas School-wide Positive Behavior Support Website is maintained by Rachel Freeman and her colleagues at the University of Kansas. The purpose of the site is to support districts implementing school-wide positive behavior support. Currently, there are a number of districts that are implementing school-wide positive behavior support and these districts have joined a consortium in order to share resources, network, and provide technical assistance to school planning teams.
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What's New

Miller, Wolfe, Freeman, & Goodman (2013). A District Model for Integrated RtI Systems.

Freeman, R. (2014). SWPBS Overview for the Gardner School District.

Academics & Behavior

Integrating Academics and Behavior Within an RtI Framework
By Hank Bohanon, PH.D., Steve Goodman, Ph.D., and Kent McIntosh, Ph.D
Part 1: General Overview
Part 2: Universal Supports
Part 3: Secondary Supports
Part 4: Tertiary Supports


Upcoming District Coordinator Webinars

Date to be determined. Details about how to connect to the next District Coordinator Webinar will be posted in this space as soon as they become available.


Wraparound Research Articles from the National Wraparound Initiative

A Framework for Safe and Successful Schools

Updating the Behavior Engineering Model
by Roger Chevalier, CPT

Bullying Prevention

Implementation Examples

Practical Strategies for Teachers and Caregivers in Early Childhood (CSEFEL)

PBS Materials for Families and Community Organizations from Lake Brantley High School, Altamonte Springs, FL
Lake Brantley High School has created materials to help educate the community and parents about their PBS initiative. Visit this site to view those materials including a web page, PowerPoint, and brochure.

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Tampa, FL. Wiki Workspace
The goal of this wiki workspace is to support teachers in creating a positive and supportive classroom environment that promotes success and that can align with school-wide behavior support efforts. This wiki work space provides teachers with best practices content, resources, and tools to implement positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) and response to instruction for behavior (RTI:B) implementation with fidelity.

School-wide PBS Testimonial From Principal Ben Gertner, Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles, CA.
Principal Gertner talks about the school's change from harsh student discipline rules. The 90-year-old school is set to become a pioneer as it adopts a school-wide positive behavior support policy with support from teachers, principals and students. The Public Counsel Law Center produced the video and it and other information and testimonials are posted on Fix School Discipline.


Chicago Forum 2012 Presentations
Handouts & Power Points

PBIS Applications Presentation
NWPBIS Washington Conference. November 5, 2012.

Missouri Summer Institute 2012 Videos
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education videographers have created video presentations for several of the MO SW-PBS Summer Institute 2012 presentations.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports from Preschool to High School: A Conversation about Implementation
Listen to a lively discussion about PBIS and implementation in early childhood programs and K-12 schools. Glen Dunlap, Lise Fox, and George Sugai discuss the key elements of PBI S and the implementation features within different settings and systems. (August, 2012)

Education Experts Discuss Alternatives to Traditional Disciplinary Strategies, Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students 2012 National Conference, August 9, 2012
Behavioral education specialists discuss how school disciplinary measures can have a negative impact on a child’s life as part of the Department of Education's Office of Safe and Healthy Students 2012 national conference.

Missouri Summer Institute Presentations

NWPBIS Presentations from February, 2012
Day 2
Day 3

School Based Mental Health

Other Resources

MO Interagency Positive Behavior Support (MOIPBS) Statewide Team Newsletter Summer 2012 
The mission of the MO-IPBS team is to foster collaboration across state services to ensure the delivery of evidence-based, outcome-focused, and person-centered services and supports that improve quality of life for individuals across the lifespan, and to leverage limited state funds by sharing resources for training in positive behavior support, person-centered, and wraparound planning.

Visit the New Missouri School-wide Positive Behavior Support Website

NW PBIS Network Website Resources

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: History, Defining Features, and Misconceptions

Missouri Mini Modules Missouri SW-PBS selected eight practices as being evidenced effective classroom strategies across multiple sources for instruction related to academics and social/behavioral skills.
A standardized curriculum for the eight essential classroom practices was developed by the MO SW-PBS Tier 2 consultants and MU PBS staff. The mini-modules are intended for coaches to share with their full staff during professional development trainings or staff meetings

Free Online Course on Functional Behavioral Assessment

A free online course on Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is now available through e-Learning at http://www.elearningmo.org/accessing-fba/. Developed by Dr. Lori Newcomer, assistant research professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, this self-paced course provides an awareness of the process for implementing FBA, including behavior basics and the principles and procedures of behavior.

Throughout the course, participants use case studies to become familiar with the FBA process, view tools for information gathering, and see examples of how to use assessment information to develop effective support plans that are linked to the function of the behavior. A self-assessment is also included to check understanding of the course materials.

Questions or comments regarding this course may be directed to Megan Freeman at megan.freeman@dese.mo.gov

Additional Resources

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Building Culturally Sensitive Teams in School-wide Positive Behavior Support, Rachel Freeman

SWPBS Implementation Blueprint and Self-assessment

Overview of School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)

Tier 2 Interventions - Lori Newcomer, PhD

The content and organization was initiated by support provided by the Kansas Department of Education. Current maintenance and continued work is supported by the consortium of districts and by PBS Kansas. Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Kansas Department of Education, and such endorsements should not be inferred.
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